Monday, May 25

Memorial Day 2015

Matthew Dowling with sons Parker 2 & Holden 6. (Photo Credit: Candace Valentino)

May 25th, 2015

Today, Candace and I took Holden and Parker to an early morning Memorial Day service over at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park so they can see it's more than just a day off from school.

We got to meet and thank some of the Veterans from WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Desert Storm and more including the Buffalo Soldiers, for their service.

Sunday, May 17

Dennis Hopper's Final Film,'The Last Film Festival' Is A Fitting End To A Prolific Career!

Dennis Hopper enjoys a cigar on the set of his final film, 'The Last Film Festival'.
Ever think to yourself that the world could use another Dennis Hopper movie in it?
I have.
Now I get a lot of teasing from friends and family, "is this one of those Kickstarter projects you're backing". But the truth is, I love And if this isn't what Kickstarter is all about, then I don't know what is!
Today is May 17th 2015. It is "Dennis Hopper Day", and it's a day dedicated to celebrating the work of the late actor and filmmaker Dennis Hopper. And what better way to celebrate "Dennis Hopper Day" than telling you about his final film, "The Last Film Festival".